Chateaup and read my blog!!!

Espresso¬†Time This here is my first blog…EVER…So I won’t say much more than welcome, with slightly raised temperature, to those that have taken their precious time to come and make their visit here (…sorry but the coffee’s finished). My salutations to the ones who wanted to be here, but they couldn’t because they don’t exist.

I falsely hope that this strenuous read and absolute sacrifice on one’s self to absorb the uselesness as a consequence of having no practial result of this particularly otiose piece of information has been an enticing adornment to your most recent twenty-four hour time period.

Disclaimer : I do not accept any responsibility for any losses, deaths or stolen sandwiches caused during your ‘wasting time reading my blog’ actions taken ever so lightly in the sense of humerus I failed to portray.

Thanks for watching, and please do check back if you’d like. I’ll be posting some articles…soon…hopefully.


One Response to “Chateaup and read my blog!!!”

  1. Chilli Says:

    When he who hears doesn’t know what he who speaks means, and when he who speaks doesn’t know what he himself means – that is philosophy

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