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I am ever so slightly, very exited about my new blog. Mmmm…a week ago I never thought I’d create a blog…and here I am. Cheeze, what’s this world coming to. What’s next? Starting my own business. Hee hee! Newspaper

So, to those who think they might be interested in a piece of my gray-matter, I hereby invite you to go to the Subscribe page, send me an email with the topics you’d like to read about in the categories I’ve mentioned. If I didn’t list them, oh what the heck, post your desired topics anyway. My address is for those who find it to strenuous to visit the subscription page.

I’d be glad if people could join in and comment on the posts I make, I’m not always right you now, and sometimes a bit of constructive criticism is good.

Be good and have a meticulously prosperous day!


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